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Royal Pains: How Did It All End?

Did Hank stay in the Hamptons?

Liz Raftery

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In some ways, Royal Pains ended right where it began (in the Hamptons), but in others, everything had changed.

On Wednesday's series finale, Hank (Mark Feuerstein) ended up with the best of both worlds. He decided to leave the Hamptons and traveled all the way to Africa to get back together with Jill (Jill Flint). But, in a three-year flash-forward that closed out the episode, Hank ended up back where it all began: in the Hamptons, eating bagels and cupcakes in the backyard of Shadow Pond, a.k.a. Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and Paige's (Brooke D'Orsay) new home. But this time, he's only there for the summer months -- or is he?

Here's a recap of where all the major players landed at the end of the series:

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Hank: Hank briefly considers leaving the Hamptons with Boris, and also ponders an offer from Evan to run the ER at the hospital. But he eventually decides to forge his own path, and does that by going to Africa to tell Jill he's ready to make a full commitment to her and their relationship. Three years later, they're engaged and summering in the Hamptons, with Hank manning the grill.

Evan and Paige: Evan and Paige finally become pregnant and, as we learn in the flash-forward, they have twins! But that's not all -- Evan also convinces Paige to foster Lena, Wes and Ian (the three orphans we met way back at the beginning of the season), after a judge decides to separate them, sending the older girl Lena to her great-aunt's in Boston and the younger boys to Arizona to live with their uncle. (Would they legally be allowed to do that? Nevermind, it doesn't matter.) They all move into Boris' estate, which Boris gives to Evan when he decides to leave the Hamptons. Evan initially wants to quit HankMed to focus on spending time with his family, but is back running the show three years later (along with Jeremiah and Divya).

Divya (Reshma Shetty): Divya gets accepted into medical school at Johns Hopkins and leaves the Hamptons to pursue her degree. But she evidently returns, as Evan mentions in the flash-forward that she's back working at HankMed.

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Jeremiah (Ben Shenkman): Jeremiah doesn't get much of a send-off in the finale, but here's hoping he's still happy with his sci-fi author ladyfriend. In the flash-forward, Evan mentions that Jeremiah is treating patients at HankMed 2.0.

Boris (Campbell Scott): Boris decides to leave the Hamptons for good and asks Hank to join him as his personal caretaker (in addition to helping Boris destroy his medical records). After some consideration, Hank declines, but only after he diagnoses Boris with dengue fever and figures out that -- surprise! -- Boris is Russian royalty and the people who are tracking his DNA are doing so not to harm him, but because they want him to lead the country. But Boris isn't interested, and so decides to go on the lam in order to avoid his royal heritage. (Also, kind of gives the show title a poignant meaning, no?)

What did you think of the Royal Pains finale?