Wilmer Valderrama, Paulo Costanzo and Mark Feuerstein Wilmer Valderrama, Paulo Costanzo and Mark Feuerstein

Last time we checked with the HankMed crew on Royal Pains, it was back to blue skies in the Hamptons. Hank (Mark Feuerstein) and Evan (Paulo Costanzo) resolved their differences and helped persuade Paige's mom to undergo electroshock therapy; Hank and Jill (Jill Flint) were still together. But the calm waters will only last so long — especially after Divya (Reshma Shetty) prescribed the wrong medication for a HankMed patient, causing him to collapse at the end of the midseason finale. So what else is in store?

Five spoilers coming up in Season 3:

Divya will have to pay the price for her screw-up: Divya tried her best to lead a double life — working for HankMed and Hamptons Heritage — but she'll have to own up to her actions when the truth comes out that she prescribed the wrong drugs. "We see the fallout from what Hank perceives to be Divya's mistake," executive producer Michael Rauch says. "That dilemma ends up being a major element of the winter season finale in terms of trust, because this is position she's put in where she has no money, where she's forced to take on this job and does it in secret. It becomes a major part of a bigger issue amongst the brothers."

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Jill is still headed for Uruguay: Jill has been wanting to return to Uruguay since pretty much the day she got back and, despite her romantic entanglement with Hank, she still is set on leaving the Hamptons. "It's something she's wrestled with back and forth and can't quite put her finger on where she needs to be, she feels like her heart is in the Hamptons, but she has a yearning for what be waiting for her elsewhere," Rauch says.

But not before she gets tied up in a love triangle involving Hank and a patient: Golf pro Jack O'Malley (guest star Tom Cavanagh) returns for multiple episodes, but it's not a completely happy homecoming. "Jack and Hank do become very close friends on the show, which becomes quite a problem when his medical situation alters for the worst," Feuerstein says. "But it also is affected because he's part of a very intense love triangle between Hank, Jill and Jack."

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What is Hank hiding?: Their romantic competition aside, Hank and Jack will have plenty of problems to overcome because of Jack's mysterious medical problem, which also include a nephrologist (a doctor specializing in kidney treatment) played by JoAnna Garcia. "Jack is supposed to be trusting Hank as his buddy and his medical adviser, but will he? The answer takes a very dramatic turn," Feuerstein says. "And letting go because, suffice it to say, Hank's medical record may not be as perfect as it has been."

The business may really tear the brothers apart: It's been hinted at many times before, but Hank and Evan's vastly different visions for the future of HankMed "rears its ugly head again in the back six episodes," executive producer Andrew Lenchewski says. "The business is taking off, it's grown, and at the same time, maybe they've grown apart a little bit." To make matters worse is the arrival of Boris' cousin, Claudette Von Jurgens (Judith Godreche). "She introduces a new medical device that would help us function more efficiently," Feuerstein says. "Evan jumps at it, Hank doesn't, and it ends in a very divisive moment for the brothers."

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