Rainn Wilson and Rove McManus Rainn Wilson and Rove McManus

Either Rainn Wilson is getting an early start on Halloween or he really wants a part on The Walking Dead.

On Saturday's new episode of Rove LA, airing at midnight/11c on TV Guide Network, The Office star does his best to blow host Rove McManus' mind by paying tribute to fellow guests Sarah Wayne Callies (of The Walking Dead) and WWE wrestler The Miz at the same time. How does one do that you ask? By doing a zombie walk while wearing a wrestling belt, obviously. The resulting moment is one Wilson plays to undead perfection — including when he tries to sink his teeth into one of the guests!

Rove LA comes to America: Rove McManus brings the backstage antics onstage

Warning: Don't try this at home, kids! Check out Wilson's impressive zombie walk here:

Rove LA airs Saturdays at midnight/11c on TV Guide Network.