Rosie O'Donnell by Chris Gordon/ Rosie O'Donnell by Chris Gordon/
Rosie O'Donnell, that persistent TV personality whose brief gig on The View gave fans plenty to chatter about and left co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck in tears, is ducking out of the public eye - at least for the moment. O'Donnell informed the world that she's taking a break from her (obsessively detailed and freeform)

blog - on the blog itself: "i am taking off august in blog-ville 2 c if i can rosie unplugged happy summer peeps peace in peace out" According to People, O'Donnell said she was going to " take the month off and then see what it feels like to come back to it.... I'm wondering if I can do it. Every time I watch [the TV show] Intervention, I'm like, 'They need this show for people who need to get off their computers!' My real addiction is the computer and the blog." But we'll be seeing more of O'Donnell sooner or later - earlier this week, our old buddy Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly reported that O'Donnell is in talks with NBC for a primetime variety show. What do you say - will you miss Ro's rantings? Or do you think she should make this a permanent vacation? - Nina Hämmerling Smith