Roselyn Sanchez Roselyn Sanchez

CBS would be crazy to go without its Trace next fall, says Roselyn Sanchez, addressing talk that Without a Trace might get clipped after seven seasons.

"The show is still doing amazing when it comes to ratings," Sanchez points out to the New York Daily News. In its last outing, Trace topped its Tuesdays-at-10 time slot with 12 million viewers. "I'm sure everybody is a little scared," adds the actress, "but it would be ridiculous for CBS to let the show go."

Without a Trace, which has a half-dozen hours left to air in its 24-episode season, is considered to be on "the bubble" when it comes to a renewal for the fall. Fellow CBS dramas The Unit and Cold Case also are riding the fence.

Whatever the Eye is thinking, Sanchez and her castmates are in the dark about Season 8. "I haven't heard anything from the producers," she says. "Nobody has come to us to say anything about that."

Storyline-wise, Sanchez offered this tease as to what the immediate future holds for her Elena and beau Danny (played by Enrique Murciano): "There will be a major conflict," she says, "but hopefully they're going to stay together."