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Roseanne Barr took to her blog Monday to defend Charlie Sheen and took multiple digs at his Two and a Half Men boss (and former Roseanne series writer) Chuck Lorre.

"I never really worked with [Lorre], as he was mostly drunk when he was on my show," the former sitcom star wrote on her blog, which also alleged she fired Lorre for "being a big drunk" on her show.

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"I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen, (and Brett [Butler] and Cybill [Shepherd], both of whom were often out in the parking lot screaming at Chuck and crying) who has to not only be the bi-polar wizard Charlie Sheen, but had to toil as a tool for Lorre Enterprises Inc," she wrote.

Before launching Two and a Half Men in 2003, Lorre worked as a writer and producer on Barr's ABC sitcom, Roseanne, from 1990-1992. After that, he created Grace Under Fire starring Butler in 1993 and Cybill in 1995. At the beginning of one of her multiple blog entries regarding Sheen and Lorre, Barr listed herself, Shepherd, Butler and Sheen as "stars who lost big when working with Chuck." She also insulted Sheen and Lorre's network boss, CBS President Les Moonves and called CBS "the network of choice for the dentally challenged."

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Barr defended Sheen, saying "those s--- Chuck Lorre lines could choke a f------ horse." She also rationalized that he was "so degraded" by Lorre's jokes that it made "ingesting knock out drugs a must in order to sleep shamelessly at night" and "mask the soul decay that stared back at him in the morning mirror."

Barr also said she believes Sheen is currently not on drugs and is simply demonstrating the signs of a manic. "Charlie, take a break dude.  Go to Greece, Paris, China, look at great art and lay low," she wrote. "You got fired, dude.  Anybody can do your job, really."

Barr will star in her own Lifetime reality series later this year.