Rose McGowan, <EM>The Essentials</EM> and <EM>Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof</EM> Rose McGowan, The Essentials and Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof

While The Essentials (Saturdays at 8 pm/ET, TCM) is all about celebrating classic cinema, the series gets a very contemporary cohost tonight when Charmed vet and cult-film favorite Rose McGowan joins Rob­ert Osborne to discuss March's top-notch titles, starting with 1969's The Apartment. She can also be seen this weekend in Quentin Tarantino's 2007 action flick, Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof (Saturday at 9 pm/ET, Starz), and from what we can tell, this lovely and well-informed Rose is capable of rising to any occasion.

TV Guide: With your edgy résumé, this isn't a gig most folks would imagine you doing.
Rose McGowan:
Misconceptions abound about me. I guess I'm not one of those people who demystifies everything by discussing their personal life. But there are different aspects to me and I've been really obsessed [with film] for as long as I can remember.

TV Guide: What's your favorite movie?
I can't do that. I have to go by genre. Noir films, I'd say Out of the Past. Screwball comedies, maybe It Happened One Night. You can go all over the place with that stuff.

TV Guide: You must have loved doing period pieces like The Black Dahlia and playing Ann-Margaret in the Elvis miniseries.
McGowan: Yeah, in some ways, I'm more comfortable [in them], I don't know why. It's not as if I go around in my daily life — you know those people who try to look retro from head to toe? — I certainly don't do that.

TV Guide: But you do have that old-school femme-fatale vibe....
I just have good Irish pale skin, so that works. [Laughs]

TV Guide: What would you consider your own essential films? I loved Planet Terror.
I love that genre and thought it was amazingly well done. I did like [1997's] Going All the Way with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Davies.... But that's probably be­cause it was set in the '50s. [Laughs]

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