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For the cops on Rookie Blue, the second year on the job just might be tougher than the first.

When the ABC show left off, the newbies had survived a major operation and were ready to jump to the next level. Although Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) was questioning whether she was ready, when the second season picks up she'll be feeling on top of the world — until a shocking event happens on the job to knock her off her feet. At the same time, the ex of her new live-in boyfriend Luke (Eric Johnson) comes into town only to be revealed as Andy's superior. Peregrym talks to TVGuide.com about the drama that will ensue:

Set the scene for when Season 2 returns.
Missy Peregrym:
Last year I ended really questioning whether I wanted to do this or if I had what it took. [When we return] Andy is living with Luke, really happy and life couldn't be better. Then a random act of violence shatters Andy's world a little bit when someone who's innocent gets hurt and it's a really difficult thing for her to get her head around.

Does she still feel like a rookie?
This year the theme is that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. We have that sophomore curse where we have more experience under our belt. We're feeling a bit cocky and comfortable, but the truth is that it's actually more dangerous because we don't have training officers with us. We're partnering with one another and heading into these situations first and there's a lot of responsibility on us to make the right calls — that's a very heavy thing to have.

When the innocent girl gets hurt in the premiere, Andy seems to feel like it's her fault.
Even though you do everything right and you go through the procedures properly, people still get hurt. I think that's something that's hard for Andy to deal with this year.

Now that Andy and Luke are living together, are they a solid couple?
We do have another character that comes in, Jo Rosati (Camille Sullivan), and she's Luke's ex-girlfriend and ex-partner; they worked together for three years. When I meet Jo initially we bond over a pretty heavy situation and it's not until later that I find out who she is. She starts to work in the division and it's very clear she is not over Luke and the crappy part is that she is my superior. They have a history, they're working together again and I'm sitting on the outside. How much do I shed aside my personal issues with the situation and be respectful of my job and of her because of her position and when do I stand up for myself?

Will she go back to Sam?
There's a lot of stuff that happened with me and Sam last year, but if we got caught we would've lost our jobs. There was a lot on the line for us to be together and this year that's lifted because I don't have a training officer anymore so I can date Sam which makes things even more complicated when there's so much drama happening. But I did choose Luke for very good reasons.  Luke is safe, he is reliable and I know exactly what I'm going to get.  Andy's kind of control freak and she can have all her ducks in a row with Luke. Sam is a bit dangerous, you don't know when he's going to choose to work in guns and gangs, or disappear undercover. It's not as reliable, but that being said she still really cares about him.

So does that mean there's hope for Sam and Andy to get together?

Are most fans that you meet for Sam and Andy or Sam and Luke?
Pro Sam. I feel bad for the guy who plays Luke, I'm like, "Don't take it personally, Eric." Last year I thought it was kind of obvious why there would be a connection between Sam and Andy, we worked together all the time, we were bonding over crazy situations, taking care of one another. We didn't really show a lot of Andy and Luke together so this year we focus more on that so the audience can understand what the connection is with them as well.

Any final teases for the new season?
Peregrym: The people you think you know, you will be very surprised about who they really are this year.

Season 2 of Rookie Blue premieres Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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