Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard

Ron Howard says if it weren't for the fans of his series Arrested Development, there would never be hope for the upcoming movie.

"From people holding up signs saying, 'Bring Arrested Development back' and continuing to download the show and talk about it and share it ... the fans have really kept it going," he says."I had dinner with [creator] Mitchell Hurwitz and Jason Bateman last week and there are no creative roadblocks, everyone wants to do it."

Arrested Development creator: We're back! caught up with Howard at the premiere of the short film he produced, "When You Find Me," which his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard directed.  The project, from Canon's Project Imagin8ion, was inspired from eight photos they chose from over 100,000 submissions.

So did Bryce have any hesitation about working with her father? Not at all. "He's an incredible mentor and wonderful teacher," she says. Watch the video below for more from the father-daughter duo, including if the Twilight alum plans to see Breaking Dawn this weekend.