Jerry O'Connell, Jerry Minor, Fred Goss and Rebecca Romijn by Karen Neal/ABC Jerry O'Connell, Jerry Minor, Fred Goss and Rebecca Romijn by Karen Neal/ABC

Newlyweds Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn play against type (fans hope) when Romijn guests on her hubby's ABC series Carpoolers. Romijn plays Joannifer, O'Connell's womanizing Laird's much-maligned ex-wife.

Creator/exec producer/writer Bruce McCulloch ( Kids in the Hall) says Romijn was a frequent set visitor, since her Ugly Betty set is nearby. "She started to hang around, she was laughing, we were buying her sushi," and he told O'Connell, "We gotta get her on the show."

While Laird's ex has often been mentioned - he reportedly received "the worst divorce settlement" ever - she has yet to be seen, until now.

Romijn "is a force of nature," so she's perfect for the role of Joannifer, who McCulloch describes as "ferocious," but also "vulnerable and emotional." Basically, she's mercurial: "Part of the fun of playing Joannifer is she's sweet one moment, but can turn on a dime."

It didn't hurt that the couple has real-life chemistry. "It's an added thing that they're married in real life, and here they're playing characters who are divorced, with this crazy love-hate, wildly sexual relationship."

Having the couple on the set was fun, says McCulloch. "There was a scene at the end in which they were supposed to basically have a stare-off, when Romijn and O'Connell got into the spirit and "started throwing chairs at each other!" But despite online reports to the contrary, notes McCulloch, "It was in no way" a real fight - just great acting.

And we can expect Romijn to come back. McCulloch points out, "She's an artist in her own right. She likes working not only with Jerry, but with the other characters, so when she returns we are going to have her interacting with the other characters."

Romijn's episode, "A Divorce to Remember," was shot between Sept. 10 and 14 and airs Nov. 6 at 8:30 pm/ET on ABC. - Reporting by N.F. Mendoza