Don't ask me why, but the Servilia-Atia rivalry reminds of the classic bar argument of who would win a match between Muhammad Ali and

Mike Tyson if both were in their primes. I've always maintained Tyson might win the first fight on surprise power alone, but Ali would win any subsequent match on speed, skill and most important psyche-out maneuvers. Via this method, Atia humiliated Servilia via brute tactics with her beat-in-the-street attack, but Servilia won bigger by engineering Caesar's murder. First things first, though: Gotta love Pullo escaping the hospital to get to the city, wounds be damned, where he's sure the women will be falling all over him. Gotta love Vorenus telling him he'd fall apart like an old sock if he tried to take a woman. And gotta be really worried for Vorenus after he was suckered into fading from Caesar's side just before the murder. Gotta be heartbroken, too, over Niobe's suicide after Servilia's woman told Vorenus of Niobe's son. And gotta laugh, if nothing else, at Brutus' idea of an honorable killing, since it apparently means ganging up on an unarmed man and stabbing him to death. "Her rage amuses me," Atia says of Servilia. Maybe, but I don't see you smiling now, hon. And next season it'll be interesting to see who gets to her first Octavian or Vorenus, provided Vorenus doesn't get lumped in with the Caesar conspiracy.