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What does Romany Malco consider good TV? The Good Wife, of course.

"It's cryptic and clever with a message that promotes strong family values," he tells "The cast is a nice mixture of flawed and complex characters — all with an edge."

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In particular, the Weeds and No Ordinary Family

star names Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) as his favorites."Alicia Florrick is such a refreshing TV character. She can be sarcastic, funny, nurturing and calculated all at the same time," he says. "I'm not sure if Alicia's inability to walk in heels is a character choice, but it is another subtlety that I love. Every step she takes says, 'I don't belong here.' She's the breadwinner for her family, great at her job, celibate and sexy. She deserves a round of applause."Margulies has already won a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Guild awards and earned an Emmy nomination for her work on the CBS drama. But if Malco had his druthers, Czuchry would also be collecting hardware as frequently as Margulies is."Cary Agos has the fire! Every time he is on screen he pops like the Fourth of July," Malco says. "I wish I had the ignorance to be so confident, the brain capacity to be so brilliant, the wit to be so charming and the strength in character to be so consistent. Matt kills this role and he'd better win something!"The Good Wife is Malco's favorite show that's currently on TV, but it does not trump his favorite show of all time: The Wire.

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"The story lines are so bizarre yet totally based in reality," he says. "The way in which the Baltimore politicians, police officers and gangsters are depicted makes The Wire the most gritty and entertaining show I've seen on TV to date."Malco also gives kudos to Wire stars Dominic West, Jamie Hector and Idris Elba for their varied and nuanced performances — especially Elba. "Dude is British, but walked, talked and gang-banged so Brooklyn. I wish I could be so good at being so bad."Dramas aren't the only shows on Malco's TV watchlist. He also tunes in to Entourage ("Ari Gold's banter is worth the cost of cable all by itself"), Deadliest Catch ("the competitive spirit of the captains and the lingering threat of Mother Nature keeps me glued") and No Ordinary Family — and not just because he's on it."I love super villains, especially when they're getting smashed by super heroes!" he says.