Romany Malco and Mary Louise Parker by Randy Tepper/Showtime Romany Malco and Mary Louise Parker by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Moments after wrapping up a press conference for television critics last weekend, Weeds star Romany Malco joined in the Beverly Hilton Hotel lobby to dish about the dark comedy's third season, his character Conrad's sexual tension with Nancy and what it's really like to work with an Olsen twin. Tell me something nobody else knows about the new season.
Romany Malco: Perhaps one of the most unpredictable things, at least for me, is U-Turn. So far, when I've been reading the scripts, the one time where I went, "No!" is U-Turn. The way that dude comes into Nancy's life, everybody is going to be so hurt because everybody wanted Conrad to be with Nancy. Then U-Turn comes into the picture and - I haven't told anybody else - it ain't about Conrad right now. So Nancy is attracted to U-Turn?
Malco: Yeah. It's very interesting. He has this charm and he has this thick skin and swagger that Nancy takes a liking to. Don't tell nobody else that I told you this. This is between you and me! And the way that it plays out this season is one of the most unpredictable things. The other unpredictable thing is Mary-Kate Olsen's relationship with the community. I'm going to get in trouble! No you won't. Keep talking. What happens with Mary-Kate's character!
Malco: Remember, she's got this Christian circuit? It's mind-blowing. So, what happens with her?
Malco: Well, Silus was doing a drop where Mary-Kate Olsen happens to be. He kind of caught her eye and they started entertaining one another just a little bit. I am appalled to tell you how Mary-Kate Olsen starts this season. That's all you get! But that is good scoop. Come on, give us a little bit more.
Malco: I just don't know if young ladies should be behaving that way. That's all. So what is Season 3 really about?
Malco: Here's what I feel like as I'm watching the patterns. We just filmed Episode 13. You're going to laugh but it's upwardly mobile women. That's what this entire show consists of. How they get it? Hey, we all to some degree serve the devil. Upwardly mobile women across the board. What was it like working with an Olsen twin?
Malco: I feel like she's probably one of the tightest businesswomen in the show. I really think that. She's got that spark. She really does. I know how you get those stereotypes when you're famous and you've done kiddie stuff. But you know what? Hey, Mark Wahlberg was once Marky Mark. OK? She's the tightest one to me. I'm not even joking. If you're going to aspire to be someone in the show, Mary-Kate has a great role. Do you think people will notice her more now that she's on this show?
Malco: They definitely notice me more. [Laughs] I think people will notice her more just for even going there. The fact that Jenji [executive producer/creator Jenji Kohan] would even put something like that in the show is pretty interesting. I don't know if you can notice her any more than you already do. She's cute. She's mad talented. She's on a dope show. She drives a Porsche and she's rich. And she's got better jewelry than 50 Cent! - Reporting by Dana Meltzer Zepeda