According to, a San Diego judge ruled on Tuesday that the producers of CBS' Rock Star: Supernova must come up with an alternate name for the band composed of Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, Gilby Clarke and the winner being crowned tonight. Last month, Supernova, a punk trio from Orange County, California, filed for a preliminary injunction halting the Rock Star quartet from performing or recording as Supernova if the band fails to modify its name. (Sorry, Tommy, I already have dibs on "Supernova: Our Take.") Yesterday's ruling acknowledged that "the marks are identical, the parties operate in very similar or identical markets, the [name] Supernova is distinctive and therefore strong, and there is evidence of actual confusion in the market." The group now-never-to-be-known-as Supernova is slated to launch a tour December 31 in Las Vegas, complete with $85 concert shirts that say "?"