Crosby Loggins, Jesse Blaze Snider and Chloe Lattanzi courtesy MTV Crosby Loggins, Jesse Blaze Snider and Chloe Lattanzi courtesy MTV

This season, MTV pitted the sons and daughters of major music stars - from MC Hammer to Eagles drummer Joe Walsh - against each other in the freshman series, Rock the Cradle. On Thursday's finale, the final three contestants will go mic-to-mic for the big win. In the end, the top three's come down to Chloe Lattazni ( Olivia Newton-John's daughter), Crosby Loggins ( Kenny Loggins' son) and Jesse Blaze Snider (son of Twister Sister's Dee Snider). We caught up with the rising rockers to get the scoop on their style, why they wanted to Rock and more. How would you describe your own style?
Chloe: Alternative pop rock with industrial beats with a theatrical influence. It's hard to put creativity into a box.
Crosby: Acoustic singer-songwriter. My music is more band-oriented [than my dad's], I'm more interested in creating long sections of interesting music.
Jesse Blaze: A cross between punk rock and hard rock and roll. I try to be as heavy as I can be, while still being commercial. You've already been making music. Why are you doing Rock the Cradle?
Chloe: I have very little experience on stage. And I knew that I needed that experience.... I look at it as a rite of passage for me. For me [this show] has been a very profound experience in building strength in myself and acceptance of self.
Crosby: I didn't think it was a very good idea, I turned it down four times...[but] it turned out incredibly well for me, so I'm glad I took the risk.... There were four caveats made to me about what the show would be.... Two out of four ain't bad.
Jesse Blaze: The music industry is in shambles. And the only people who are really moving records are the American Idols! What's good for me, will be good for [my band].... I had them worked into the contract. What has been the most challenging part of the show for you, or part of the show that didn't turn out the way you expected?
Chloe: We have it more intense than American Idol. We get eliminated the night we perform. [One night], my close friend was eliminated right before I had to perform, and it psyched me out.
Crosby: The epitome of that was in week three, when I sang one of Kenny's [Loggins] songs.... It all came together in this wrapper of, 'are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone?'
Jesse Blaze: My personality on TV. They turned me into a bad guy. Yeah, I'm cocky as f**k,...but it's good-natured. I don't think I'm better than anybody else, I just know I'm good at what I do.... [But] they've managed to make me look like a super-villain, and make Crosby to look like a saint. If you weren't making music, what else would you want to be doing?
Chloe: Being a part of writing a film, or writing someone's music video, coming up with the concept.
Jesse Blaze: I'd be writing comic books, which is actually what I'm doing right now. Superheroes are essentially an extension of rock and roll stars. Do you have a favorite item that you wear or bring with you to every performance?
Chloe: Not, really, no. I still haven't found my token yet.... I [just] need quiet time [before going on stage].
Crosby: I have a necklace that has a piece of jade on it from Big Sur, [CA], that I got a couple of years ago on the beach. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, I was at a crossroads with my music.... I found this silly rock, and made this assertion to myself that I was going to turn things around.... Since that day, I can't even tell you how incredible my life had been.
Jesse Blaze: I have two things that I've worn for every performance: My national championships semi-pro football ring...and my wedding ring. What would be your dream collaboration?
Chloe: As of right now, I'd love to collaborate with...Trent Reznor. His music is very sexy.
Crosby: I would die to collaborate with Jeff Tweedy, but I doubt he'd find my music [workable] for him. And James Taylor will forever be at the top of that list for me.
Jesse Blaze: In the near-term, [former Rock the Cradle contestant] Lucy Walsh.... Long-term, I'd love to work with Trent Reznor. I just love the industrial thing. If we did it with punk rock, it would be really cool. - Anna Dimond

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