When actors die suddenly, they often leave a project or two in progress. Robin Williams was no different: He signed on as the main character in the indie film Boulevard in January 2013, nearly two years before his death last August.

The first trailer for the film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, was just released.

Robin Williams leaves his fortune to his wife and children

In Boulevard, Robin Williams stars as a man who's dissatisfied with how his life had turned out. In light of his suicide after a long struggle with depression, the trailer is particularly poignant: We see Williams as 60-year-old Nolan Mack, a man with a dead marriage and a boring job whose friends tease him about never taking a vacation. The character finds solace in an unusual place: a male prostitute named Leo, played by Robert Aguire.

In the trailer, we see Nolan get too far into leading a double life, confronting Leo at his apartment and lying to his wife (played by Kathy Baker) about where he is.

Starz Digital acquired the movie rights after its premiere and will release it in theaters beginning July 10.

Watch the trailer: