Rob Lowe is re-teaming with Lifetime for a remake of The Bad Seed.

The network is still in negotiations with Warner Bros., which owns the rights to the title, but once the legal side is settled, Lowe has signed on to star in the psychological thriller as well as direct it, according to Deadline.

The Bad Seed is about a young girl who turns out to be the personification of evil. In the 1956 film and the original book on which its based, the evil girl Emma is brought down by her mother. Lifetime will gender swap the role to allow Lowe to play the girl's single father in the script penned by Barbara Marshall.

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Lowe's character initially believes he has everything under control until a tragic incident occurs at his daughter's school, and then he must walk the line between protecting his daughter and ensuring she doesn't harm anyone else as he learns her perfect behavior is just a facade for her true nature.

This will be Lowe's fourth movie with the network following Drew Peterson: Untouchable, Prosecuting Casey Anthony and Beautiful & Twisted. Casting has already begun with production hoping to start in early 2018. Lowe is also executive producing along with The Wolper Organization's Mark Wolper and Elizabeth Stephen.