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Rob Kardashian was in a Beverly Hills court Wednesday to plead not guilty to battery and petty theft charges, stemming from a March incident with a photographer outside his gym in Beverly Hills, E! Online reports. The reality star was charged with the two misdemeanor counts  the day before.

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Kassandra Perez (nee Andra Viak) filed civil charges against the Dancing with the Stars alum in April, accusing Kardashian of assault, battery, emotional distress, and theft. Viak said that Kardashian struck her in the face and took her camera card, with an estimated $30,000 collection of photos of celebrities. Viak had been snapping photos of the shirtless Kardashian as he was leaving from a workout.

Although it's unlikely the case will go to trial, pretrial proceedings will begin on Wednesday, May 29 in Beverly Hills.