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Maura's father, mob boss Paddy Doyle, will finally head to trial next week on Rizzoli & Isles, but it looks like he has a lot more to answer to than murder charges.

In this exclusive first look at Tuesday's episode (9/8c, TNT), Maura (Sasha Alexander), Jane (Angie Harmon) and Korsak (Bruce McGill) find Paddy (John Doman) pinned up against a bathroom sink by none other than Cavanaugh (Brian Goodman), who's holding a gun to his head (look closely).

Rizzoli & Isles' Sasha Alexander: It's a big year for Maura

"[Paddy] has a history with Cavanaugh, it turns out, and that is a major reason Maura has to take a step back and choose a side: her biological family or her professional family," Alexander tells TVGuide.com. "Whether what happened [between Paddy and Cavanaugh] was done consciously, it's just more proof that Paddy's done enormously shady things in his life and he's not a man that you can trust."What do you think their past is? Might it have something to do with how Cavanaugh's wife and son died in a house fire back in the day?Rizzoli & Isles

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