The kids on Riverdale are hip.

No, seriously, they are. They watch Mad Men, read Oscar Wilde and quote Shakespeare. Their pop culture tastes span the modern mainstream (Justin Timberlake) to the classics (Romeo & Juliet). These kids are cultured and they aren't afraid to throw down a reference at the drop of a hat.

You know how we know? Because we cut together the best pop culture references that Riverdale has dropped over its first six episodes to prove it to you. Did you know that Betty Draper has been name dropped not one, but twice since the start of the show? It was actually in the same episode.

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So don't be Blue Jasmine and channel your inner Ginger Ansel Elgort as you check out how cool the Riverdale crew can be. Well, except Archie (KJ Apa) because he doesn't know who Bob Dylan is.

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