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Riverdale: Did Archie Kill Jason Blossom?

It's not that far-fetched

Megan Vick

Is it possible that Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is the one who killed Jason Blossom on Riverdale?

It may not be as crazy of an idea as you think. Sure, Archie is the show's central golden boy, but Riverdale has boldly declared itself a much darker interpretation of the classic Archie comics. It doesn't get much darker than having your protagonist kick off the series as a murderer.

It wasn't until last week that Archie even took an interest in finding out what happened to Jason even though all of his friends have been investigating the crime. Archie was the only one of them actually at Sweetwater River the morning Jason disappeared, making him the biggest asset in trying to figure out what actually happened but he's stayed away to "work on his music." Okay, Archie. Nice alibi, except you are an aspiring musician who doesn't even know who Bob Dylan is. There are some holes in your story, bro.

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Let's not forget that Archie is not the choir boy everyone thought he was. If your moral compass tells you that it's cool to hook up with your music teacher then there's something wrong happening there. Who says Archie's conscience wouldn't let him get away with murder? It's a stretch, but not an impossible one.

Archie would be the most unexpected person to be guilty of taking Jason Blossom out. The problem is that the show revolves around the ginger crooner and his social life. It would be pretty hard to continue the show in Season 2 if the show's central character is doing hard time in prison.

It's still something to think about.

Riverdale continues Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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