It's one and done for NBC's musical drama Rise. According to Deadline, NBC canceled the show, about a high school theater program, in the midst of TV's annual cancellation bloodbath.

While some low-rated dramas see the writing on the wall from the start, Rise came in as one of the year's most highly anticipated shows, despite being a midseason replacement. The series came from Jason Katims, the man behind cult-favorite dramas Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, and had the added bonus of Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller too. There are no better names to have associated with a musical drama than those two.

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The show starred Josh Radnor, continuing his trend of dramatic work, as a high school teacher who attempts to revitalize his down-trodden town by bringing a spark of life to the school's drama department. The well-rounded young cast included stand out talent like Auli'i Cravhalo and Damon Gillespie.

Like many freshman shows, though, it struggled to find its true identity right out of the gate. Although Rise eventually found a groove in its later episodes, shows don't have as much room to grow gradually in a crowded TV landscape. You either hit it out of the park at the start or risk seeing the ax at the end of the season.

The show's series finale airs Tuesday, May 15 at 9/8c on NBC.