Pamela Anderson's campy action-adventure series V.I.P. soon will be M.I.A. According to Variety, Columbia TriStar Television is pulling the plug on the four-year-old syndicated series, citing the financial woes of co-producer, German media giant Kirch. However, Anderson said in a statement that the decision to end the show was partly hers. "Due to a multitude of issues — some personal — we have decided to all move on from V.I.P.," she said. "It has been an incredibly fun four seasons and we kicked butt!" (Someone needs to simmer down now!) Anderson happily reports that fans won't be missing her for long: Reruns of V.I.P. begin airing in September on TNN, and, "I will also be starring in my own animated series created by Stan LeeStripperella, which is coming soon." Yipee!