Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ringer will soon return, and along with it, Siobhan's Big Apple homecoming. has an exclusive first look at Ringer's February sweeps art, which features Henry (Kristopher Polaha) and... well, Sarah Michelle Gellar. The real question: Is she portraying Bridget or Siobhan in this photo?

If it is Siobhan, the pair's closeness in the photo may mean Henry will soon be in on the big secret. "Henry may pick up on that one day," executive producer Nicole Snyder teases. Adds Polaha: "When Siobhan comes back to New York, and [with] Henry being such a strong part of her life, there has to be, at some point, some intersections."

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When the show returns on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9/8c, we'll finally learn why Siobhan is so hell-bent on ruining Bridget's life. "There's one singular incident that drove this gigantic wedge between the sisters and we're going to discover what that is," executive producer Eric Charmelo says. "And why Bridget is on this path of redemption and why Siobhan is on this path of revenge. It'll be during February sweeps."

Check out the photo below: