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[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the midseason finale of Ringer. Read at your own risk.]

Ringer's midseason finale proved that the consequences for Bridget taking over Siobhan's life can be quite deadly.

After spending much of the season missing, Gemma (Tara Summers) became the show's first real casualty, dying just moments before the real Siobhan arrived to save her. Now that the truth — that Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has secretly taken over Siobhan's life — has gone with Gemma to her grave, caught up with executive producers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder to discuss how this turn of events will alter both sisters' plans. Plus: Now that Siobhan is in New York, will the two sisters meet again?

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What came with the decision to kill Gemma?
Eric Charmelo:
Honestly, it seemed organic to the story. We're trying to create a world where there are high stakes and no one is safe. Unfortunately, in the realm of noir, they tend to amass a body count to keep people on the edge of their seat. Bridget's living in this very dangerous world where the stakes are too high.
Nicole Snyder: It was a blood bath. We were very aware of it, but blood baths are fun to write. The good thing about this show is, just because you're dead doesn't mean we're not going to see you again. We have a lot of flashbacks.

How will Gemma's death affect everyone?
When we come back after the holidays, we're playing the episodes almost in real time, so there will have been a mourning period. We certainly address it in the next episode, but we don't focus on it.

Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) was already angry with Bridget and suspicious of her hand in Gemma's disappearance. How will this affect their relationship?
Not only is Henry mourning, but he has to direct his anger towards something and someone, and that target becomes Bridget.

If the first half of the season was focused on Gemma's disappearance, what will the second half of the season focus on?
Now that Siobhan is back in New York City, you have these two sisters playing this chess game, and the stakes are much higher because they are in the same city. Ultimately, paths will cross.
Snyder: A lot of the focus was on Gemma, and now Bridget can return to the original mystery and questions we established in the pilot, which is: Who is trying to kill Siobhan? Why and how is she going to stop them?
Charmelo: We're really turning the screws tighter and tighter. It's becoming this very combustible pressure cooker that's just going to explode by the end of the season. The more lies Bridget tells, the more damage control she has to do to keep them contained. Eventually, I don't know if she'll be able to contain it all.

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What does the future for Bridget and Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) look like?
Although they've been married for "six years," this is Bridget's first real adult relationship sober. So, as she's falling in love with this guy, she's seeing this world through rose-colored glasses because this is her first for everything. It's a very interesting dynamic that we've set up, the irony being this is all a borrowed life. She starts to buy in to the fantasy of it, and the sobering fact is this isn't hers and it's built on a lie, so she has to reconcile that disparity somehow.
Snyder: Their relationship will strengthen, blossom and become very real, but there's going to be conflict because this is a noir, there's always a body count. Things will not be easy for Bridget and Andrew.

Would the guilt of taking over Siobhan's life ever make Bridget crack?
It will get to her.
Charmelo: It will cause her to act on it. At some point, she'll become overcome with guilt and reach her breaking point.

Out of everyone on the show, Andrew seems to be the only innocent one. Is that too good to be true?
Nobody's innocent on this show.
Charmelo: It's all a façade with every character. We're playing with the theme of duplicity and the different masks people wear, so what you see isn't necessarily what you get.
Synder: Andrew is a good man, but he is not innocent.

The question from the beginning has always been whether someone will find out her secret. Gemma did, and now she's dead. Will someone take Gemma's place?
That's a risk that Bridget's running constantly by living this double life, that at any moment the rug can be pulled out from underneath her. What she learns in the fall finale is that when people learn her secret, people die. It may have the opposite effect on her. The lesson she's learning is that she better keep her mouth shut to keep people safe.

Siobhan is still pregnant, so what will we see for her and whoever the possible baby daddy may be?
Charmelo: She is, in fact, pregnant, and like any femme fatale, she's going to use the baby as a bargaining chip. She has different marks. There are essentially three men whose child this could be and she's going to use them to her advantage to implement her plan. We're actually going to see a very real, emotional, empathetic and sympathetic side of Siobhan, which we really haven't seen up to this point. We're going to see what makes this woman tick. We're also going to learn what was the inciting incident that caused this monstrous riff between the two sisters.

What really happened with Juliet (Zoey Deutch) and her teacher, Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring)?
There's definitely a layer to that story that we're going to reveal. Just like everything else on that show, we lead you down one path and we twist it in a new direction, so this story will keep you on your toes. That's a big part of the mystery.

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Andrew's ex-wife, Catherine (Rescue Me's Andrea Roth), will be coming to town. What's the dynamic like between her, Andrew and Bridget?
It's combative. Let's just say Andrew has a type. He's attracted to a certain type of woman, so needless to say, these two women don't get along with one another because they're probably so similar.
Snyder: As we established earlier this season, Andrew basically started the relationship with Siobhan while he was still in this marriage, so there's a lot of bad blood between these people.
Charmelo: She's going to stir the pot.

How will Malcolm (Mike Colter) fit into Bridget's life now that she's not planning to leave Andrew?
He becomes an ally to Bridget. He also becomes the Watson to her Holmes in trying to unearth this mystery of what happened to Siobhan.

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