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Ringer viewers didn't have to wait long for Bridget's secret to come tumbling out.

After Gemma (Tara Summers) discovered that Henry (Kristopher Polaha) had actually been having an affair with Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Bridget did the only thing she could think of to keep herself safe: Play the twin card.

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"It was a bold move on Bridget's part," creator Eric Charmelo says, noting that it was more exciting that Bridget, who's been harboring this secret for around two weeks now, was the one to out herself. "It was partial desperation, partial plea to try to find an ally in this crazy world."

In revealing her secret to Gemma, Bridget will now have to do damage control in Tuesday's episode (9/8c on The CW), when she discovers whether Gemma will be an ally or an adversary, Charmelo says. "Just because the secret's out to one person, doesn't mean it's out to the collective. So the drive in the episode is to try and contain the oil spill, if you will."

Like Bridget's need to finally tell the truth, the producers felt it was high time to show their hand. "We needed to have some drama that she could share with someone and up the stakes for Bridget," executive producer Pam Veasey says. "She can't live this life and make this choice and everything just lives smooth. People would go, 'Right.' You have to have some jeopardy for her."

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Siobhan's secret — that she's still alive — won't come out as quickly, though she and Bridget will cross paths "sooner than later," Veasey adds.

For now, Siobhan is working out her revenge from Paris, though we may see her closer to home soon. "She'll realize she needs to move around in order for things to work out the way she wants them to," Charmelo says. "Being sedentary is not in the cards for her."

"You will see more of Siobhan," Veasey adds. "She's always been the one driven by revenge, so keep that in mind, and Bridget, by redemption. Revenge has to rear its beautiful head at some point in grander ways. She's not always just our punctuation in every episode."

A piece of the puzzle as to why Siobhan is hellbent on revenge was revealed in the pilot through a photo of a young boy named Sean. But we won't learn the back story as to why that would cause Siobhan to fake her death until the second half of the season, which has yet to be picked up by The CW. The producers are hopeful though. "It's certainly part of the sisters' history and what drove a gigantic wedge between them," Charmelo says.

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One person who won't discover he's sharing his bed with his wife's twin sister is Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). "It's intentional," Charmelo says of not having the pair show physical affection toward one another.  "We're going to build up their relationship."

Ringer airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.