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Rihanna and Seth Meyers Got Day Drunk Together, And It's All the Weekend Inspo You Need Right Now

You know, for after work work work work

Amanda Bell

There's only so much late night hosts can do when they've got someone they barely know sitting in a chair to promote whatever project the guest has got going on that week. There's typically a little banter about some fun factoid about said celeb, maybe some chit-chat about mutual friends, and if audiences are really lucky, the guest will even participate in some kinda stunt or a game to break up the monotony.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, though, there's an occasional segment called "Day Drinking," which Seth Meyers only brings it out for very important people, like his own mother, Kelly Clarkson, and, now, the musical multi-hyphenate Rihanna.

RiRi appeared on Thursday night's edition of Late Night, but instead of being bored in a bucket chair, she and Meyers pre-recorded their adventure doing some day drinking at The Jane Hotel in New York. Meyers came prepared for saucing it up with this superstar, too, by creating customized beverages like "Bitch Better Have My Bunny" and quizzes about what the hip-hop star had been doing when she wore certain outfits (yes, Ri did remember her threads from the last paparazzi-trailed visit to the dentist, thank you very much).

Meyers got toasted after a just few of his bar concoctions, but Rihanna proved she is no lightweight, enduring everything from terrible pickup lines (shoutout to "Are you the girl fromBattleship?") to giving him a "summer eye" with her cosmetics line that turned into some accidentalAvatarcosplay. This is some good late night content, and now we have we need for this weekend's beverage menu. RiRi might've knocked it, but that "We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place" drink was actually pretty inspired.