All right, secret confession time: The Poseidon Adventure is one of my favorite cheesy movies of all time. But this version was a little bit disappointing. Sure, watching Steve Guttenberg trying to be all serious was inadvertently humorous, but they missed the campy factor from the get-go. Instead of an implausible tidal wave that wasn't seen on radar and could flip an entire ship, they went with a terrorist plot. Plus, without the presence of the remarkable Shelley Winters or the cool Gene Hackman, this remake just doesn't hold water. Oh, and poor C. Thomas Howell: He barely made it out of this alive, had a gnarly broken arm and he played a pedophile on ER earlier this month. Can he not get some better gigs?... While I do love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and think the little kid from this week may have been the cutest thing to ever don a Boston Red Sox hat, I think I have finally become immune to the show's mystical tear-jerking powers. Sure, I still love watching Ty and Co. do good work for deserving families, but since they have done so many homes for families in such dire straights, it really takes a lot to get me reaching for my box of tissues nowadays.