Rick Springfield Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield was arrested at his home near Los Angeles for missing a court date for a past DUI bust, E! News reports.

Springfield was taken to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. Once in custody, Springfield called his wife, who brought over paperwork which cleared up the issue and saved the singer from being charged.

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"My home away from home," Springfield wrote on Facebook, along with a posted photo of the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station. "Arrested this am on a bench warrant. I didn't know that I was supposed appear in court a few weeks ago. It was to do with the old DUI charge and it's been cleared up and i am free to go. Thought I might miss the gig tonite but I will be there and we will celebrate together. Life is not boring. XOXO."In August, Springfield pleaded no contest to the lesser charge of reckless driving with driving under the influence conditions. The "Jessie's Girl" singer and General Hospital

star has been ordered to serve three years probation and attend a three-month alcohol education program.