Richie Sambora Richie Sambora

Wanted Dead Or Alive: Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, who's been tapped as Craig Ferguson's ad-hoc in-house band for one week on CBS' The Late Late Show.

Sambora will perform songs from his third solo album, Aftermath of the Lowdown, as well as classic Bon Jovi tracks, during his stint the week of December 3.

The idea will pop up on a pre-taped cold open for the November 16 episode. At the start of the show, Ferguson says to Sambora, "I thought it would be great if you could be the house band on the show, but not necessarily play the guitar. Just you, naked, playing a tiny little harp."

Sambora wisely nixes that idea. "You know what? I really love you. I really love your show and everything. I'm not gonna be naked playing a harp. But I tell you what, if you want me to be in the house band, as long as you let me play a couple of my songs, I'm gonna be good with that."

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson hasn't employed a regular house band since its launch.

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