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Revolution's seventh episode was one of those where the flashbacks far outshined the main story line. "The Children's Crusade" finally gave us a much-awaited glimpse at the story behind the notorious blackout. Check out what we learned and seven other burning questions. [Spoilers ahead]

Where it all began: Creator Eric Kripke wasn't joking around when he said he'd answer questions quickly. Only seven episodes in and Revolution has already revealed the cause behind the blackout (well, to an extent).

Through flashbacks, we see that Ben (Tim Guinee), Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Grace (Maria Howell) were part of a start-up the couple conceived to attempt to generate clean, low-cost electricity. But, lo and behold, they accidentally discovered a way to inhibit all electricity! (Those crazy scientists. Can't they get anything right?)

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In a moment dripping with irony, Ben insists to Rachel that a contract with the Department of Defense is the only option for the struggling company. "Another month, we won't be able to keep the lights on," Ben tells his wife, thankfully unable to hear my amused chuckles.

And though Rachel resists selling the technology to the government, it appears her opposition didn't last too long.

Is a conscription cruise all inclusive? In a reveal that made me even more sympathetic towards the militia's low-level soldiers, we learn the organization has made a habit of taking children and teens against their will to gather them onto a huge boat. But this isn't your average cruise. Instead of unlimited booze and "Copacabana" covers, all the conscripted kids get is a whole lot of brainwashing! Can we really blame them from becoming sadistic soldiers after that kind of adolescence?

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You can't save everyone (but sometimes you can save one): Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) finally rescues a brother from the militia! It's not her brother, but it's still better than no brothers, right?

After stumbling upon a community of orphaned children, the plucky protagonist convinces Miles (Billy Burke) to help them rescue their leader Peter from the militia's kiddie cruise. But don't think just because Miles agreed to this mission he's gone soft on us. The former militia man is only trying to alleviate his own guilt since the children were orphaned under his rule.

Rachel really stepped in it this time: Rachel's morals have always been questionable, but Monday's episode didn't pack any punches when painting the matriarch in an unflattering light. In order to save Danny, Rachel continues doing her best to help Monroe, all the while trying to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Unfortunately, this strategy backfires when she tries to save one of her old co-workers Brad, only to have the militia take his daughter hostage. In a moment that had me cheering, Brad was able to get a few choice words in before Neville had him hauled him off. "There's worse things than dying," Brad scolds Rachel, "like betraying all your friends." Oh, snap! Can't say she didn't deserve it though.

Marked for life: In one of Revolution's most cringe-worthy scenes yet, poor Charlie is branded with the militia's mark while undercover. But hey, that might prove useful in the future the next time she encounters some random soldiers on the road! Just trying to stay positive here.

Revolution: The Trouble with Charlie

And on the seventh day, Aaron said "Let there be light(house):" Remember in "Sex and Drugs" when Aaron (Zak Orth) showed he isn't completely useless? Apparently, that was a fluke. In "The Children's Crusade," Aaron was back to his old doltish ways after accidentally turning on the pendant while hiding out. But instead of turning on some Marvin Gaye or Maggie's iPhone, he caused an entire lighthouse beacon to spring to life! How are you going to explain that one to the neighbors?

Just blame Danny: Charlie and Rachel's entire lives post-blackout seem to be about saving Danny from the militia, sickness, and everything else under the sun. And from what we've seen, this hasn't gone too well for anyone involved. On Monday, we learned that Danny's been making a habit of wreaking havoc all the way since the womb.

After a worrisome diagnosis from the doctor, Rachel's afraid her unborn son won't survive. Unfortunately for her (and apparently the entire world) the Department of Defense jumps at the chance to manipulate what we can only imagine is a contract for the blackout-inducing technology from the distraught mother.

Randall revealed: In a not so shocking reveal, we learn Grace's mysterious kidnapper Randall is none other than the slimy Department of Defense secretary mentioned above. And though I'm not shocked at who Randall turned out to be (the dude screamed evil in flashbacks), I am excited to watch the series connect the dots from the impending contract to the current hostage situation.

What did you think of "The Children's Crusade"?