Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito

Revolution's fifth episode was no joke. Every second of "Soul Train" was jam-packed with action and tantalizing teases of the story's mythology. It's also nice to see creator Eric Kripke following through on his promise to quickly provide answers which only lead to bigger questions. Here are the 10 biggest burning questions from Monday's episode, "Soul Train." [Spoilers ahead]

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1. From meek to monster "Soul Train" started off with a bang — a (very much) shirtless Captain Neville(Giancarlo Esposito) beating the crap out of poor Danny boy (Graham Rogers). But before viewers can fully appreciate the 54-year-old's impressive physique, the show's timeline quickly shifts before the lights went out where we see a much different version of the militia leader. Stuttering, nervous and meek in the flashbacks, it appears that when the world lost power, Neville gained a backbone (and then some)!

Esposito explains Neville's transformation to, "I think that all of us as people grow to a certain point. Sometimes we fulfill things that we never had, we change things that we don't want and so I think it's a very human reason [that Neville changed]." Well said, Esposito, but do you think that reasoning excuses Neville's sadistic behavior?

2. Miles tells it like it is Charlie's (Tracy Spiridakos)  pouting has been an issue with the fans since the beginning. And while losing Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips) must have been hard, the last thing we needed was an episode full of "woe is me" mourning. Miles (Billy Burke) is soon to save us from the famous Matheson moping with a harsh dash of the truth: "Hangin' around here, crying. That's not going to help." Preach it, Miles!

Charlie's uncle continues his tirade against her emo ways throughout the episode. And while there were times I thought to myself, "Way harsh, Tai," I think he had a point. By the end of the episode, even Charlie seems to agree. But surprisingly enough, I don't know if I like the new, tough-as-nails Charlie we glimpsed at the end. I might actually come to miss the pout if she stays that way for too long!

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3. Let there be steam! Finally! The producers have brought in steam power. Why it took fifteen years for the Republic to get a train working, I really don't know. But I'm willing to suspend my belief in exchange for a little more steampunk action in the series. (Though, we can forgo the monocles.)

4. What's in a name? Did we miss some crucial, defining scene between Miles and Nate (JD Pardo) that somehow earned the militia spy the nickname "Nipples"? I'm sure he gets pretty chilly in the woods all the time, but Nate can't help how his body reacts!

In the end, Nate, Nipples, it doesn't matter. It's soon revealed that Nate's real name is nothing other than Jason Neville. That's right. The militia spy with the hots for Charlie is none other than Capt. Neville's son. Do you think there's any hope for the star-crossed lovers? Or is blood a bond you can never break?

5. Revolution is soo with it "I'm looking for a biography of Joe Biden" might just be one of the worst passcodes in the history of — well — history. Way to be topical, guys! I almost forgot there was an election happening, so thanks for the reminder.

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6. What happened to Julia? We already know Miles was the one to take Rachel hostage, but is that only the start of his home-wrecking ways? After a little scuffle with Neville in an alley, the militia captain asks Miles (oh so ominously), "Why Julia?" While the episode ends with Neville happily reunited with his wife Julia (Kim Raver), apparently things were not always so peachy. What do you think Miles did?

7. Pinky and Monroe Is all of this — killing Ben, kidnapping Danny, torturing Rachel — simply happening because Bass Monroe (David Lyons) wants to take over the world? While his power-thirst is no secret nor surprise, hopefully they develop Bass' motivations a little more so he doesn't become a live-action caricature of the megalomaniacal mouse bent on ruling the world from Pinky and The Brain. Is he doing it for love? For money? Because he was beat up as a kid or that his dad never hugged him? I'll take any explanation, really. Just throw me a bone!

8. Use your words, people! First Maggie's dog-murder death, now Nora (Daniella Alonso)! People in the future seem very stab-happy, if you ask me. But thankfully, Hutch's attack on our favorite rebel didn't cut any crucial arteries and Nora was able to pull through (and remarkably fast).

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9. Nate never learns his lesson Put on some Usher, because Nate's "got it bad!" Right when Charlie's literally in his grasp, the spy once again lets her go. No one was aware of his betrayal the first time he did it, but this time he deliberately disobeys orders from Neville. How will the militia — not to mention his dad — react to Benedict Nipples' treachery?

10. What was Ben working on? Rachel finally spills the beans to Bass: she and her late husband were working together to turn the power back on. The key: the twelve silver pendants.

Twelve?! We know Grace has one, Aaron has one and the mysterious Randall has another. That means there are nine more pendant carriers out there. Who do you think they are? More importantly, do you think the rest of the pendant posse are friend or foe?

Revolution airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.