Billy Burke and Daniella Alonso Billy Burke and Daniella Alonso

As Revolution approaches its midseason finale, it's gearing up to go out with a bang! With only two episodes left and so many questions still unanswered, spoke to stars Billy Burke (Miles) and Daniella Alonso (Nora) about what to expect as the gang finally closes in on Philly.

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"It's going to be incredible!" Alonso exclaimed when asked about Monday's episode "Kashmir." While en route to Monroe's base, Miles' motley crew hits an unexpected roadblock when the characters struggle to separate fantasy from reality. To further complicate things, the episode will also feature a much-anticipated twist to the flashbacks. "Everything that you think is, may not necessarily be," Alonso teased.

Yikes! It looks like "Kashmir" might have us re-thinking the few answers Revolution has revealed this season. But while we try to wrap our heads around Monday's twists, let's not forget the other big surprise this episode: Led Zeppelin! The legendary rock band has licensed two of their songs, "Kashmir" and "Since I've Been Loving You," to feature in the episode. According to Alonso, Monday's collaboration is only the first of many to come between the series and musicians. "That's a cool twist," the actress told "It adds another dimension to the show."

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Zeppelin's intense tracks will help set the stage for the high-octane episode, in which Danny (Graham Rogers) start to suspect Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell). While it's sad to see a son doubting his mother, we can't really blame him. Rachel did fake her death and abandon her kids to start helping the militia (not exactly actions that inspire faith). But even though she's turned to the dark side, Burke doesn't believe that necessarily makes Rachel — or any of the show's so-called "villains" — bad people. "Most evil characters, if they're not psychopathic, they become that way because they believe in what they're doing. And whatever they believe in just gets stretched to every degree possible and then they can't stop themselves from hanging on to that belief," Burke explained. "I think that's true for most of these characters in this show, with the exception of maybe Strausser. He may be psychopathic."

We're not sure where exactly Burke would place Monroe (David Lyons) on that scale. Though we've seen he used to have a good heart, Bass' current plans to take over North America seem pretty psychopathic to us! Hopefully, we'll be getting more insight into Monroe's mindset when Miles confronts him in the midseason finale. "It happens in a very unexpected way," Burke revealed. And though the former friends will finally come face-to-face, don't expect too much to be revealed about their past together. Burke told reporters their history with the militia would take a while to draw out, but "we're going to start to get heavy into that backstory" in the second half of the season.

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However, Burke did reveal the interesting nugget that Miles' current mission isn't the first time he betrayed the General. "There was a point during the past 15 years where Miles did try to take [Bass] out," the actor said. "Two lifelong best friends, brothers, having had that happen [and] coming back together, it's tough."

And while the series seems to be setting up a full-scale revolution, don't expect Miles to resume his old post as militia commander. "The way it feels to me now is that he'd want nothing to do with it," Burke said. "However, he's already in the fight... so that's going to be a choice that comes up at some point too. If, in fact, that does happen."

Judging by Julia Neville's (Kim Raver) effortless manipulation skills, we don't doubt someone will be trying to overthrow the good general sometime soon, be it Miles or Tom (Giancarlo Esposito). Thankfully, whatever plans the usurpers have will come to a head by the end of this season.

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But forget about Miles and Monroe for a second! Revolution has a bevy of other mysteries to be unraveled. What's going on with Grace (Maria Howell)? Where are the other pendants? What caused the blackout?

We know not to expect everything to be revealed at once, but we had to ask if we were going to get any answers before Revolution goes lights out until March. "We start to uncover a little bit more about the pendants and Randall and the machine," Alonso said before adding: "I feel like after Episode 10, one question's answered, but 10 more questions pop up."

What questions are you dying to have answered? Are you excited for a little LedZep on Monday?

Revolution airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams