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Reverie: Sarah Shahi Explains NBC's Complex New Sci-Fi Drama

Is the virtual reality series the next big hit?

Tim Surette

Maybe it's just me, but all realities, virtual or otherwise, should include Sarah Shahi.

Shahi stars in NBC's upcoming drama Reverie, a science fiction series due out next midseason, and from the sounds of it, it's going to mess with your mind. Shahi plays Mara, an expert in human behavior who must pull people out of virtual realities where their fantasies are practically real. But Mara has a bit of baggage herself, and hopefully constantly saving people from computer simulations will help her save herself.

"It's best described as a psychological thriller set in a virtual reality world," Shahi told on the red carpet of NBC's Upfronts presentation in New York City.

So where does the psychological thriller come from? Shahi says her character is coping with the loss of her sister and niece, and by the end of the pilot, her character is haunted by the specter of her niece and can't figure out if she's real or not. Sounds like a brain buster!

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Reverie also stars Dennis Haysbert as the man behind the virtual reality program that enraptures users.

Watch the clip for more information from Shahi, as well as Haysbert's take on the show.

Reverie premieres this midseason on NBC.

Additional reporting by Alex Zalben