Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman

Revenge is making wedding plans, but who will walk down the aisle?

Josh Bowman and Madeleine Stowe, who play Daniel and Victoria Grayson, stopped by Access Hollywood  to dish about Season 2 of the ABC smash hit. Although the first season ended with some huge cliffhangers (Did Victoria die in the plane explosion? Is Fauxmanda really pregnant with Jack's baby? Are Daniel and Emily going to get back together?) Stowe and Bowman could only confirm a few details of the new season.

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"The only thing we can probably bank on is that Emily's mother is going to show up," said Stowe."And apparently a wedding of some sort," added Bowman.

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So whose wedding is it? Series creator Mike Kelley revealed to E! News last winter his plans to open Season 2 with Emily's wedding, but Bownman doesn't seem so sure that she's still the bride-to be."Could be Jack and Fauxmanda. Could be  mine and [Emily]... Who knows if me and Emily get back together or it heads toward me and Ashley pairing," Bowman teased. "Who knows?"When Bowman added that Stowe's character could be renewing her vows, she joked, "I could be dead!"Who do you want to see tie the knot?