Justin Hartley Justin Hartley

The Hamptons are getting even hotter this season on Revenge.

The ABC drama has cast Smallville star Justin Hartley as Victoria's long-lost son, TVGuide.com has confirmed. Hartley, who also starred on Emily Owens, M.D., will appear as Patrick in a multi-episode arc starting in the Season 3 premiere.

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Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) gave birth to Patrick when she was 16 but gave him up for adoption when he was 6 months old to attend a prestigious art school in Paris. When Patrick began looking for Victoria later on, she paid him $5 million to disappear, but it seems as though breaking agreements runs in the family. Revenge's second season ended with Patrick (face unseen) arriving at the Grayson house, shocking the typically unshakeable Victoria.

The casting was first reported by E! News.

What do you think of Hartley as Victoria's son?