Emily VanCamp, Revenge Emily VanCamp, Revenge

[Spoiler alert! This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday's season finale of Revenge. If you haven't watched the episode, run, don't walk, away from this story.]

Don't pop that champagne so fast, Ems.

Emily (Emily VanCamp) came dangerously close to going back to a life of relative normalcy on the season finale of Revenge. Her father's name was about to be cleared, she finally got her revenge — sort of — against the White-Haired Man, her relationship with Daniel was dunzo and she was free to tell Jack the truth.

However, the road back from revenge is just as long and winding as the road leading to it as Emily's stand-down was quickly and swiftly thwarted:

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Who's pregnant? First, when Emily went to the bar to confess her love for Jack, she found Amanda, recently returned from her mysterious excursion and newly pregnant. Yes, presumably with Jack's baby, or so she says, which means no happily ever after for Jack and Emily.

Who might be shacking up? After his split from Emily, Daniel invited a very special guest to his pity party — the blabbermouth herself, Ashley. The two shared a drink, as well as a very ominous glance that says that bad boy Daniel may want to start something with Ashley outside of the Grayson Global offices. Ew, Daniel, she was desperate enough to date crazy Tyler after all.

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Who's dead? It was bad enough that Victoria had agreed to testify against her ex-husband and the Grayson Global empire, but when Victoria brought Conrad's mistress, Lydia, back to her side to also testify, it was too much for Conrad to bear. He promised Victoria that if she testified, it would be her last move and just after she boarded the feds' plane, news reports suddenly splashed across the screen about the plane's explosion and that "there appear to be no survivors." Revenge obviously isn't going to kill off the Queen Bee herself, but does this mean Lydia's gone for good? Things also don't look for Charlotte, who was found unconscious by her father after what appears to be a prescription pill overdose.

Who's not dead? The show saved the best and juiciest cliff-hanger for last, natch. Nolan stopped by Emily's to tell her about the explosion and to assure her that he had backed up at least some of the evidence against Grayson Global turned over to the feds. He then played Emily an old video he found that not only revealed Americon's involvement in the cover-up, but also the truth about Emily's mom. "If you look a little deeper, you'll find there's much more to the story," Victoria states in the tape. "What she's saying is that, um, your mother's alive," Nolan clarifies. Oh, mama!

So what did you think of the season finale? What was the most shocking moment? Is Jack really the father of Amanda's baby, and where the heck has she been? What do you think happened to Victoria and Lydia? Will Charlotte survive? And, most importantly, where has Mrs. David Clarke been hiding all this time? And who should play her? Share your thoughts below!