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ABC's Revenge has certainly lived up to its title.

Hardened Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) has already taken down three adversaries who were involved in the wrongful conviction of her father. But as the girl once known as Amanda will soon find out, keeping secrets in the Hamptons is no easy feat.

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TVGuide.com chatted with VanCamp on the many layers of revenge in the coming episodes, including the show straying from the revenge-of-the-week story line. Plus: How far will Emily go on her quest for, well, revenge?

When will someone start putting together the pieces that all these people being taken down are connected?
Emily VanCamp:
I think Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is already on to Emily. She definitely has a sense that something is not right with this girl. I don't think she quite knows what that is yet, but she's certainly on to it. There's the character of Frank (Max Martini), who starts to follow Emily, which she is aware of, but he's going to find out some information that could potentially ruin this whole master plan. I also think Jack (Nick Wechsler) feels that something is there, but he doesn't quite know what.

Will Emily be able to keep this secret if she continues to take someone down each week?
She needs to tread lightly because there's only so much she can do before it starts to seem suspicious. The first four episodes, there's a takedown every week and it's more procedural. But when Episode 5 airs, you'll see that it turns into much more of a big arc. There are still takedowns, but it's not always Emily that's doing all the bad things. Victoria has her own things going on. It's a very messy group of people that are doing really messy things. You get to explore the other characters more as well.

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What will we see for Emily's love life with both Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Jack? 
The story lines with Jack and Daniel are so much fun to play. Nick and Josh are both such interesting actors and so different that you can really see why she's so torn between these two men and why she's so hesitant to reach out to Jack because he could destroy everything. Ultimately, he could make her feel again, which is the scariest thing of all. There's an undeniable connection with Daniel as well.

What will we see for Daniel's new roommate Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and his crush on Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)?
He's incredibly creepy, and Emily is certainly on to him from the get-go. We're also going to start to see a different side to Ashley. They are much more similar than we would imagine. We haven't really gotten to see what Ashley can do yet, but she'll get a lot more stuff coming up with Ashton, who's so good at playing Tyler, such a complicated and crazy character and he's just killing it. People will really be interested in the dynamic between those two, as well as between Emily and Tyler, and Daniel and Tyler. He's going to be one to watch, for sure.

Will Emily's conscience start getting to her, or is she too far gone?
The character would be one dimensional and uninteresting if she didn't have the ability to feel. She's built up this major wall, but deep inside of her, she's still that little girl who does have the ability to feel. You see how she feels for Jack and how she struggles with this façade that she's putting on. She's also somewhat sociopathic in that she feels everything to an extreme and she's sort of insane on a lot of levels. [Laughs] Whether she can come back from that, I don't know.

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Will she ever take the revenge too far?
I think she takes it too far all the time, which is what I love. She does have somewhat of a moral code. She definitely is not in the business of killing, but I wouldn't put it past her. She'll do anything to get back at these people. I don't think it would be satisfying for her to just kill them. She desperately wants to see them suffer the way that she suffered and feel the pain that she's felt. That would be an easy way out and she doesn't want that.

Executive producer Mike Kelley has said that the 13th episode of the season will be the engagement party from the pilot where Daniel is apparently killed. Should we assume he actually died?
It's safe to say that you should assume nothing with this show. We have no idea who's dead on that beach, if it's Daniel or not. It could be anything.

Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.