The End may be near, but with three episodes to go, NBC's creepy hit miniseries Revelations still offers more questions than answers.

Where is the "miracle child"? Is he really Christ returned to Earth — or the Devil incarnate? And how can Dr. Massey (Bill Pullman) and Sister Josepha (Natascha McElhone) possibly hope to prevent the Apocalypse?

What we know so far: After being rescued at sea, the miracle child was taken by a mysterious priest. Massey and Sister Jo found the child's mother in an Italian psychiatric hospital and came away believing her story of virgin birth. Meanwhile, Satanists have kidnapped Massey's stepson Hawk. Their jailed leader, Isaiah Haden (Michael Massee), used astral projection to locate the convent where the nuns are hiding Olivia, the comatose girl who quotes scripture in Latin.

What's up next: Spoiler alert! Next week, Massey tracks down an ex-Satanist who reveals the terrible fate awaiting Hawk, while Haden sends his minions to stake out the convent and works on converting fellow prisoners to his dark cause.

That sets the stage for the remaining two episodes, in which Massey and Sister Jo decode a final prophecy extracted from the tomb of a dead exorcist that leads them to the Holy Land in a desperate attempt to save Hawk and forestall the End of Days.

"The last two hours are about the solving of biblical mysteries and the cataclysmic combat between the representatives of God and Satan," says Revelations executive producer David Seltzer. "There are more surprises per minute in Episodes 5 and 6 than in the previous four combined."

While Seltzer promises a climactic battle, signs and portents suggest something short of Armageddon — discussions about a possible Revelations sequel are currently under way.

Revelations airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET on NBC.