Justine Simmons and Rev Run Justine Simmons and Rev Run

He's got a bad case of the lonesomes. Rev Run, the seminal hip-hop artist, Pentecostal minister and father of six, really wants to have dinner with his family. How does he make sure this happens? By starring in a new Cooking Channel series, Rev Run's Sunday Suppers, premiering Sunday, June 8 at 10/9c. He gave TV Guide Magazine the hot dish.

TV Guide Magazine: Why is it so hard to pull your clan together for some chow?
Rev Run: Like with many families these days, mine's too daggone busy. I'm begging my kids, "Please, come over!" That's why I do TV. My wife, Justine, and I also gathered the family for [MTV's] Run's House and [DIY's] Rev Run's Renovation because — like the Kardashians — we get to be together more because we're filming.

TV Guide Magazine: Sunday suppers seemed so simple back in the day but even that's become tricky at your house.
Rev Run: My daughter Angela is a vegan and so is my brother Russell Simmons, so right away there's a problem. Meanwhile, my rap superstar son, Diggy, who is controlled by his trainer and hasn't seen a French fry in years, is all about meat. But it must be bison. And organic. It's crazy!

TV Guide Magazine: Is anyone trying to convert you?
Rev Run: Everyone! I'm supposed to be eating more veggie meals but I'm sneaking outside in the snow to cook a steak. Diggy won't let me have starches. The other night at a restaurant I order mac and cheese and his head exploded. Justine has even got me eating unfried chicken. Unfried! Are you ready for that? But I know they're all looking out for my health, and it's working. So far I've lost 20 pounds but since when did meal time get so hard? It's like I'm running a restaurant. You will laugh when you see what it takes to get a measly Sunday supper on the table. And do not get me started on smartphones.

TV Guide Magazine: Sorry, gotta go there. What's your beef with them?
Rev Run: We're tweetin' instead of eatin'! Nowadays we can't sit down to eat some lasagna without someone having to take a picture of it. We haven't even taken the first bite and it's already on Instagram. "Look, everybody! Here's what I'm eating!" Really? Is that what the world is coming to now? Can't we just enjoy a meal?

TV Guide Magazine: Still, you love all of it, right?
Rev Run: Oh, it's the best! All I really want to do is just cool out with family. At the end of the day, you find that it's the little things in life that are the big things. [Laughs] Of course, I'm 49 years old and it took me forever to figure that out.

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