1991 Soundtrack:

R.E.M. "Losing My Religion";

Jesus Jones "Right Here, Right Now"; EMF "Unbelievable"; James "Top of the World."

I gotta tell you Chyler Leigh was fierce while George Newbern was just plain scary. The "sleeping with the enemy" story line brought out some good performances. Seriously. I never knew that Newbern could be such a good lurker. He always seems to play nice guys. AbusivePaul isn't nice. At all. And our Carla has been trapped in a relationship with him in order to protect Sam's kid. After she engineered an escape for Amy (to her adopted mother), she trained a gun on him and made him call the police and tell them all was well.

Basic Instinct played out in the present-day scenes with Captain MajorHottie and Jenna. Come on, I was half-expecting some crossing and uncrossing of legs to take place while all the men watched from afar. Jenna the Celeb isn't too happy with Craig these days. She says she would gladly turn Craig in if she thought he had done it, but instead blamed AbusivePaul for Sam's murder. Oh, and Jenna's 1991 boyfriend was that guy from the syndicated sci-fi show Poltergeist: The Legacy. It's true.

I'm a little upset with Sam right now. Sure, she was forced to tell Craig the truth about the baby she put up for adoption. But she didn't tell him Will was the father! And Will, why you gotta always blame yourself for everything? At least you finally got a date that wasn't your best friend's girl. But my favorite part of the entire hour had to be the previews for the next new episode. Captain MajorHottie gets to be in a flashback. Did you check out the 'fro? Too bad we have to wait two weeks to see the 'fro in all its glory.