Frances Fisher, Landon Gimenez and Kurtwood Smith Frances Fisher, Landon Gimenez and Kurtwood Smith

The reappearance of young Jacob (Landon Gimenez) 32 years after his drowning rocked the citizens of Arcadia, Missouri, on ABC's freshman drama Resurrection. And in the May 4 finale, battle lines are drawn: When hordes of "returned" make their way to the small town, the residents are at odds over what to do with them. "It turns the season on its head," star Omar Epps says of the episode. "It will make you want to revisit everything."

Producers promise some mysteries will be addressed, but exactly why the dead are rising will not be revealed. "You won't get a definitive answer," confirms executive producer Aaron Zelman. "But we do drop a bit of a bomb that opens up more questions. There's going to be a surprise."

That surprise involves Epps's Agent Bellamy, who's working to learn more about Jacob's "condition" while shielding the kid from wary skeptics. "Bellamy's own childhood was very traumatic, so in a sense he's protecting his inner child," Zelman hints. "In the finale, the audience will get a new understanding of who he is."

Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) and his daughter, Maggie (Devin Kelley), are also dealing with the arrival of their matriarch, Barbara. But, warns Craven, "that return could blow apart everything Maggie's ever known about her family. Skeletons are going to tumble out of the closet." And when those secrets are revealed, Maggie may find herself in conflict with the man who raised her. "It could be a turning point," Kelley notes. "Fred brought up a smart, independent person. So she'd never go along with what her father says just because he tells her."

One thing that can be agreed on: Resurrection has infused life into ABC's schedule. The series has averaged 12.7 million viewers (including one week of DVR playback), establishing itself as one of the few new broadcast hits. "It's not genre-specific," Kelley says about the show's success. "People tuned in for the setup, but they stayed because of the dynamic characters."

And while ABC has yet to order a second season for Resurrection, Zelman emphasizes that those personal stories about Arcadia's inhabitants — living and dead — are the key to the series' future. "It's my goal to keep the big mysteries alive but reveal answers about the characters' emotional lives along the way," he says. "The finale is really a springboard onto next year and beyond."

Resurrection airs Sunday, May 4 at 9/8c on ABC.

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