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On No Reservations' mid-season finale, snarky world traveler Anthony Bourdain visits Japan's island of Hokkaido. Having filmed the episode prior to March's deadly earthquake, the host hopes to share with audiences "a sense of what we've lost and what's probably been changed forever."

TV Guide Magazine: How does the episode address the devastation that occurred after you left?
Bourdain: We bookend the show by saying, "The Japan you are looking at is a very different place [now]." I think it's going to be jarring to see this.

TV Guide Magazine: What did you enjoy most about Hokkaido?
Bourdain: You step back in time to these Zen-like country inns where you can spend an afternoon contemplating a peach. It's pleasure and relaxation refined to an amazing degree of perfection.

TV Guide Magazine: So you would go back?
Bourdain: It's a country I enjoy tremendously — it has always been this sensory overload of strange and delightful new things. I hope [this episode] blows people away.

TV Guide Magazine: What one place in the world are you jones-ing to see?
Bourdain: We're hoping that the security situation improves just a little bit in the Congo, because my dream show is to retrace Joseph Conrad's steps in Heart of Darkness.

TV Guide Magazine: Season 2 of the HBO drama Treme begins with you as one of the series writers — how did you get that gig?
Bourdain: Out of the blue I got a call from [cocreator] David Simon. It has been the most professionally satisfying work I have ever done, and the greatest honor. The minute I see my name in the [credits], I will fall to my knees and burst into tears.

No Reservations airs Monday at 9/8c on Travel Channel.

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