Rescue Me Rescue Me

You heard it here first. Lou gets the last word.

Rescue Me returns for its sixth season on June 29 (FX, 10/9c) and its seventh and final season isn't due until next year, but for the actors, despite 19 episodes yet to come, the firehouse is already out of business. The show's finale, which fittingly for a show about New York firefighters is slated to air close to 9/11's 10th anniversary, wrapped on Tuesday.

TV Guide Magazine caught up with the newly unemployed actors Michael Lombardi (Mike), Steven Pasquale (Sean Garrity), John Scurti (Lou) and Daniel Sunjata (Franco)at Time Warner Cable's Upfront party the day after the final scene. Although the final wrap party was scheduled for Friday—"a debauched den of sin, "Pasquale predicted—the quartet was heading off to their own good-bye celebratory dinner at London, Gordon Ramsey's hot New York restaurant. "It's a bittersweet day," says Pasquale. "I'll miss these guys terribly, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to the future."

Speaking of the future, the final seasons will deal with Tommy Gavin, Denis Leary's monumentally screwed up anti-hero trying to put the pieces of his life back together, reveals a network source. "It's a question of can this guy find redemption?" The relationship among the house's squad, what Scurti calls "the nuclear firefighting family," won't be forgotten. Look for "lots of kitchen scenes with the guys hanging out," promises Lombardi. The show's resident women, including Tommy's pregnant sometime wife Janet (Andrea Roth) will be joined in season 7 by a returning Maura Tierney and Emily (newcomer Cody Horn) Sean's new love interest, a stunning beauty who has what's described as an unpleasant sexual condition. "Sean's gong to live happily ever after...maybe," says Pasquale.

As for the provocative show's finale line, Scurti won't reveal what it is, but insists that the series ends with Tommy and Lou together. "It's a bromance mixed with Abbot and Costello," says Scurti. "As we were getting ready to shoot it, I was thinking that I know that son of a bitch Dennis enough to expect that if I'm going to say 'And that's the way it,' he's going to go, 'Yup!' so he can have that last line. But he didn't. He let me have it. The final scene was one of the most beautiful things that I ever had to say. I think it's going to be in the top five of all series endings."

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