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Rescue Me's series finale ended with Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) alive and well — perhaps better than ever.

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But let's not forget that, despite the show's happy ending, Tommy technically "died" in the Season 6 premiere after being shot by his Uncle Teddy ( Lenny Clarke) in Season 5's cliff-hanger. In the exclusive video clip from the Season 6 DVD below, co-creator

Peter Tolan discusses Tommy's brief venture into the afterlife as well as his vision of eternity with his fallen first-responder brethren."A lot of the imagery of the teaser for the season opener ... is sort of meant to be Tommy's life flashing before his eyes," Tolan says. "And in some way, it's his death flashing before his eyes. It's wish fulfillment of the death that he wishes he had on some level, which would be to have died on 9/11. If Tommy wanted to be welcomed [to the afterlife], he'd want to be welcomed as one of the 343."

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