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Michael Jackson was healthy before his death, according to The Associated Press, which obtained a copy of Jackson's autopsy report.

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The Los Angeles County coroner's report listed Jackson at a healthy weight for a man of his height (136 pounds). Jackson also had a strong heart and his major organs were normal, according to the report.

Some minor health problems were found: Jackson had arthritis in the lower spine and a few fingers as well as mild plaque buildup in his leg arteries. The most alarming issue was Jackson's lungs, which were chronically inflamed and had reduced capacity, according to the report. The autopsy noted that his lung condition was not severe enough to have either caused or contributed to his death, however.

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According to the coroner's office, Jackson's June 25 death was caused by "acute propofol intoxication," with two other sedatives listed as contributing factors. Last month, the coroner's office ruled Jackson' death a homicide.

Dr. Conrad Murray administered propofol and the two other sedatives to help Jackson sleep, according to court documents. Murray is the target of manslaughter investigation, according to Los Angeles police. No criminal charges have been filed.