Ken Ober Ken Ober

Ken Ober, host of MTV's Remote Control, has died at the age of 52, has confirmed.

"His body was discovered in his home on Sunday," Mark Measures, Ober's talent agent, said. "The last person to have spoken to him was on Saturday morning. No foul play is suspected, no suicide, it looks like natural causes, just no one knows the exact cause yet."

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Ober began his career on Star Search, trying his hand in the talent competition. In 1987, Ober became the host of MTV's pop-culture game show Remote Control, which was one of the network's first endeavors into non-music video programming. Both Adam Sandler and Denis Leary worked as writers on the show, while Sandler played a few recurring roles, including a character called Stud Boy.

After five years on Remote Control, Ober hosted the game shows Smush and Make Me Laugh. More recently, Ober worked as a writer and producer on shows like Mind of Mencia and The New Adventures of Old Christine.