Question: I remember watching a TV show called Dolphin Cove, about a family that moved near the ocean after the mother died. The young daughter stopped talking, but was able to communicate with the dolphins. Does this ring any bells? What happened to the show?

Answer: That it does, Kellee, but just a small one.

Dolphin Cove, which debuted on CBS in January 1989, did indeed focus on a scientist, Michael Larson (Frank Converse), who moved to Australia with his two kids, Katie (Karron Graves) and David (A Year in the Life's Trey Ames), after his wife was killed in a car wreck. Larson worked for a rich businessman (Nick Tate) on human-dolphin communications, while Katie, who hadn't spoken since surviving the accident that killed her mother, was way ahead of him, communicating perfectly with the slippery critters.

What happened to it? Dolphin Cove was sleeping with the fishes by early March.