Question: I remember an old TV series called The Delphi Bureau. The only thing I can remember about it was it starred an actor named Laurence Luckinbill, who played Mr. Spock's long-lost brother in one of the Star Trek movies. Can you please refresh my memory on what it was about and when it aired?

Answer: By your command, King. First, let me point out that Sybok the wacky Vulcan (Luckinbill) was actually Spock's half brother in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier that'll save all the sticklers the effort of e-mailing me to correct you.

But what care we about the big screen when we should be discussing TV? The Delphi Bureau, one of three segments of a series called The Men, ran on ABC from October 1972 to September 1973. It was a cloak-and-dagger series about a little-known government group (the only kind we ever see on TV, really) that protected the nation via all sorts of covert derring-do.

Luckinbill played Glenn Gregory, the group's main man, and Anne Jeffreys was Sybil Van Loween, the woman who gave him his marching orders. In a nifty touch, the Delphi Bureau's office was a limousine, an idea I've tried to sell my boss on. However, he insists that with our budget, only FlickChick rates such a setup.