V, the '80s miniseries movies and TV show about lizard aliens disguised as humans who invade the Earth, will be re-imagined for the Alphabet Network.

The new adaptation will be written by The 4400 co-creator/exec producer Scott Peters. Warner Bros. TV, which was behind the original miniseries and TV show, is once again producing the project along with Peters and HDFilms principal Jace Hall, reports Variety.

Peters, who was a double Emmy nominee for The 4400 wasn't interested in doing another sci fi show until Warner Bros. TV approached him with the script for V.

"Whenever I mention V to anybody, they still have a lot of good memories about the original movie and series," Peters said. "Everybody has that imagery of their uniforms, or the visitor eating a hamster. It’s a science fiction icon and too good to pass up."

The original V was more than just another alien spaceship, good-guy vs. bad-guy show. It also served as a metaphor for the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. However, in the new version Peters said he won’t duplicate that exact concept, but will explore "what happens when the masses have blind faith in their leaders."

You won't be seeing cameraman Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) and hot doctor Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant) at the center of this series. Instead, the main focus will be on Erica Evans, a Homeland Security agent with an aimless son has some serious problems. When the aliens arrive, her son gloms on to them — which causes major tension in her family. If you've seen the original, you know it just gets worse from there.

Are you excited to watch the lizards return? Ah, the memories of exposed alien reptile skin, the sound of whooshing laser guns and that unforgettable twin alien baby birth scene ...good times. So, which characters from the old series would you like to see return? For the record, our vote is for Diana and Ham Tyler to come back!